The LINK was established in 2018 as a partnership between the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sand Springs. This partnership was formed in an effort to provide resources for starting and young businesses. Successful businesses require great attention, cultivation, and preparation. The LINK offers resources for success.

Our coworking space offers members professional and newly remodeled private offices for lease, as well as, a nationally recognized business incubator curriculum for start-up businesses to launch into the market. Members also benefit from regional networking events, mentorship opportunities, and productive coworking environment.

In addition to our membership benefits, The LINK offers the surrounding business community daily rental spaces such as professional workstations and conference rooms. These spaces are available to rent by the day.

The Mission and Values for the LINK

The Mission and Values for the LINK

Why: To further the growth of Sand Springs and the entrepreneurial spirit that lives here.Why: To further the growth of Sand Springs and the entrepreneurial spirit that lives here.

What: To inspire, inform and empower people through education and implementation of their business ideas or continuing the growth of existing businesses in a professional environment.

How: Our plan is to develop a working environment for the entrepreneur to continue with their ideas and grow new entrepreneurs through education and mentor support.  Each will have access to personal and professional development opportunities. We anticipate the overall jobs market will change dramatically in the coming years.  Thus, it will be important to help people gain access and proficiency in knowledge and skills, but also to help them with practical applications and pathways through the process.  Sources of these education and professional development opportunities will be Small Business Authority, SCORE Tulsa, local mentors.

The mission and vision of the Sand Springs Chamber will echo into the business incubator and coworking offices programs.   We will be creating a progressive, dynamic community through our program and reach out to the Chamber and the business community.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission: The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the development of a strong local and regional economy by driving economic development, advocacy, quality of life and the promotion of Sand Springs.

Vision: The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce is a leading partner in creating a progressive, dynamic community while proactively advocating for the benefit of our members and the community.

We invite you to come see our space and hear from our members. Schedule a tour of The LINK inside the Webco Center for Entrepreneurial Engagement Building at 109 N Garfield Ave. in Sand Springs, OK today.


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