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Business Incubator Initiative

GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox and online platform used by business advisors, incubators, and entrepreneurship educators to help businesses make decisions and take action.

It helps startup and growth companies build their businesses through a simple action oriented process — one that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.

For the business advisor, the absolute flexibility of the toolbox means that it can be fully adapted to existing advisory tools and client needs, and it can even be used by clients themselves, thereby saving time for the advisor.

On GrowthWheel Online, business advisors can invite clients to the platform and offer them a free account so they can work with digital tools to build their business. Clients get a better experience because they have the option of both self-service and personal engagement with their advisor. GrowthWheel helps business advisors, and their organizations, make more impact and be more productive by offering a certification program, a visual toolbox, and a cloud-based platform that allows you to work with clients in a consistent way and produce reports that track client progress like you’ve never seen before.


  • Take a 360° View on the Business
    • The best business advisors take a holistic view on a business before they give advice.
  • Focus on Key Decisions
    • The best business advisors define the scope of work and focus on a few key decisions at a time.
  • Give Each Client a Custom Experience
    • The best business advisors assemble a custom toolbox for each client.
  • Create a Process with High Productivity
    • The best business advisors constantly seek ways to increase their productivity to produce more outcome or to produce the same outcome with less effort.
  • Always Conclude with Action Steps
    • The best business advisors are action-oriented and always conclude each one-to-one session with a list of next steps.
  • Track Client Progress
    • The best business advisors know they might be the only person to hold clients accountable, and they help keep clients on track.
  • Build Consistency and Quality Throughout the Organization
    • The best business advisors take part in building a quality brand around themselves and their team.

Interested in joining our incubator program? We’d like to hear from you.


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